Supreme Source® Grain-Free Pet Food Package Design

The Supreme Source® brand was looking for a cleaner, more contemporary look without abandoning the overall look and feel of the design so consumers could still easily recognize and find the product on shelf. The logo was greatly simplified but kept a similar badge design. Claims and messaging were also tidied up. Taste appeal was greatly improved by moving away from stock photography and instead of using images from an art directed photo shoot. Colors and textures remained consistent with the previous design. More obvious species differentiation visual cues were added so consumers wouldn’t be confused between dog and cat packaging. The back panel was simplified and a greater emphasis was placed on health benefits. Ingredients and feeding guidelines were moved to side gusset. Careful thought was given to the overall messaging which became more storytelling with a friendlier tone.

Art Director/Designer: Lisa Kent
Brand Manager: Matt Keller
Food Stylist: Suzy Eaton
Photographer: Mike Kemp